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pearl jewelry design

paket wisata lombok Grain genuine pearls from the sea coast of the southern part, known as highly qualified. Charles Chan, jewelery expert from Singapore, said quality pearls are very dependent on their luster, surface quality, shape, and color. "South Sea pearls are very valuable and has a reputation as the 'queen of pearls'. South Sea pearls have high quality and luminosity, "he said, as quoted AsiaOne.com. tour lombok South Sea pearls or south sea pearls 11mm -15mm size is the most popular jewelry. Another high-grade pearls are Akoya pearls, namely saltwater pearls from Akoya oysters. Akoya pearls are generally round in shape and their color ranges from light pink to white or beige. "Akoya Pearls diameter greater than 10 mm are very rare," he added. paket wisata lombok In addition, there is also freshwater pearls from China and they tend to be more regular in shape and vary in color than the saltwater pearls. Gradation freshwater pearls are also more variable than the saltwater pearls because more colorful freshwater pearls and come in many forms. Chan states, not just elegant pearls for jewelry, but well worth the investment. Pearl quality, the price is increasing over time. The following tips Chan when we buy pearl jewelry: Observe the texture and shape of pearls when buying jewelry containing pearls. Pearls should be free of blemishes and smooth. Curved and heavier pearls often have better quality. Quality pearls can also be extended to ensure that they do not come into contact with chemicals such as perfume and powder. Pearl of great bulatannya better. However, they are not always the best when it talks about its uniqueness. Pearl with a specific form usually provide designers with more room to be creative. More unique design makes the pearl the higher the value. Pearl jewelry desirable communities in Eastern Europe, especially Ukraine and Romania. paket tour lombok "Unexpectedly, they like the new stuff, pearl jewelry," said Ratna Zhuhry pearl craftsmen who follow the trade mission organized by the Ministry of Commerce, in Bucharest, Romania, on Wednesday. Ratna-which developed the trademark Permata Bunda-telling Windows to Indonesian exhibition in Ukraine (May 24 to 27), "Most of the buyers at the fair to buy rings, necklaces, and bracelets." In addition to direct sales, Ratna also admitted in price negotiations with Ukrainian businessmen to cooperation. "They also want to see our pearl cultivation in East Nusa Tenggara," he said. mutiara lombok In addition to the Ukraine, at a business forum with Romanian businessmen, yesterday (28/5) he also received an offer of cooperation to develop a jewelry store. "They seem very interested in jewelry from pearl shells and gold combined with white or silver. They also assess the price of our products are not expensive, "he said. Price pearls with a combination of scallops wrapped in white gold or silver artificial Ratna marketed at a price ranging from 100 dollars to 600 dollars. harga mutiara "I rate the jewelry market opportunities in Eastern Europe is pretty good," said Ratna is already exporting its products, among others, to Japan and Spain. He admitted for the first time explore the market in Eastern Europe, particularly to Ukraine and Romania, and hope there are trade missions to other countries in the region to help the marketing of products of small and medium-sized enterprises. Watch Indonesia Has Global pearl jewelry chili pearl jewelry design Indonesia has a lot of talents who successfully gain worldwide recognition. One of them from North Sumatra jewelry designer who lives in Bali, Delia von Rueti. harga mutiara Delia von Rueti name does not appear in the prestigious fashion event to show off her jewelry collection. However, artificial pearl jewelry Delia has "fly" to various countries through exhibitions. In fact, not a few celebrities who enjoyed the first lady also made jewelry Delia. Delia who refused to call the customer's leaders admitted jewelry, women who use artificial pearl jewelry are those who dare to be different. paket wisata lombok"They like the wild imagination that I pour through pearl jewelry," he told Reuters on the sidelines of the launch Maritage Female Indonesia at Hotel Kempinski Jakarta, some time ago. Through exhibitions in New York and Paris, Delia pearl jewelry market of Indonesia. According to Delia, artificial jewelery ever purchased to be used as a gift for Michelle Obama. Hollywood actress also fond of pearl jewelry design. He mentioned, Sharon Stone also Lady Gaga as some fans this pearl jewelry. lombok tour Designing jewelry is a passion since a young Delia. Now he not only live a dream, but also successfully showed high creativity of Indonesia and gain worldwide recognition. Besides the exhibition, Delia exhibiting a collection of jewelry through a website. Showcase products through the internet, Delia also understand the risks and he admitted to not mind if anyone wants to imitate jewelry design. Not only productive making jewelry, as a philanthropy, Delia also fairly active in various social activities. He was appointed as Maritage Maritage International Honorary Speaker for HOPE. mutiara lombok

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