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Miss Joaquim black pearls Pearls

paket wisata lombok If you are considering a naturally black pearl, forget about the pearls from China or Japan. Reviews These countries produce freshwater pearls (China) and akoya pearls (both China and Japan). Neither of pearl Reviews These varieties are ever naturally black. The black pearls are treated with organic dye or cobalt-60 radiation. tour lombok In order to purchase a real black pearl, you need to buy one produced by the Pinctada margaritifera shell, Also know as the black-lip oyster. This oyster is native to the French Polynesia and the Cook Islands. The pearls produced by the black-lip are called Tahitian pearls or black South Sea pearls. paket wisata lombok A perfect pearl would be one that is perfectly round, with a flawlessly clean surface, excellent coloration, and sharp luster. You may be Able to find one for as little as $ 100 in a small size (the 8.0 mm range). But most top-grade pearls will average 10.0 mm and larger, and retail in the $ 1,000 + range. paket tour lombok It is important to point out that if the pearl is small, say 6 to 7.0 mm, it will almost certainly be a dyed akoya or freshwater. A single pearl like this will only be worth a few dollars Depending on the grade. It is important to be Certain that you are indeed buying a Tahitian pearl before spending much money. black stone pearl mutiara lombok ok so i have lived in China before, and pearls there are a lot cheaper, so investing in a good pearl, it would be cheaper to order from china as it is the home of pearls, and you would save money. i only spent 100 quai. the which is around 12 american dollars. but thats Because I was a regular so i got good prices, dont spend too much money though, as if you get it from the right place, this money should be spent, tops. then again ,, the better the quality the higher the price. but a pearl worth 500 dollars in the states could be purchased for about 100 dollars in china. just the make sure you find a reputable pearl dealer harga mutiara It depends on what type of black pearl you want to purchase. Freshwater, Akoya, Tahitian pearls and all have black pearls. I personally prefer Tahitian pearls. The color and the luster are all beautiful. $ 200- $ 400 can buy a pendant from pearlacce. Purchased from Them couple times before. lombok tour

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